Grief is a mother-f’er. There you are. Going about your day. Minding your own business. And then something happens. Blam! …


The Goodbye Song

Riding bikes on playa and watching lights to guide us home.

Looking for adventure, never knowing when it’s overdone.

Making love all evening and then drifting into space.

Flowers in the morning and the breezes hit our faces.

Hiding from the inside.

Hiding from ourselves.


I made it through two-thirds of a pandemic before I sat down to write something new. Writing is something that’s been with me my whole life, but putting into regular practice is precisely that — a practice. I am slowly finding my way to myself. …

On days like these, I really wanna hate the world. The smiling faces are the worst. And hearing myself say this is so not like me. If you know me, you see me smiling at everyone, making friends wherever I go.

See, I’m trying to figure out how to love…

The space creature in Star Wars. The one the Millennium Falcon landed in to hide and before they realized they weren’t in an asteroid after all. I wanna be that. But I can’t. I gotta deal with myself.

Some things about me are I’m a Technical Writer, Project Manager, and…

Ashley Sue Perry

Slowly finding my way to myself through writing.

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